Who are we ?

Our old farmhouse? You’ll fall in love with it! And from the very first visit, the desire to welcome you there, in beautiful walls of brown-ochre schist, under bewitching roof frames, all surrounded by soothing greenery.

Passions and patience and … the birth of 2 semi-detached gîtes.  Our guiding thread ?  A clever blend of Authenticity, Charm and Comfort, while respecting the Environment and its natural resources.

Parents of 3 young adults, involved in local citizen projects, in the service of the conviviality and well-being of our environment, we love our region.

“Our” forest: a tranquil force… a palette of beauties that do us a world of good… soft and invigorating emotions that Martin Dellicour shares with us in his video “Gnomes”.  A photographer with a passion for nature and wildlife, he reveals “naturally well” how it will make you vibrate …

Green Key Logo: Naturally, we are concerned about the sustainability of our environment … Respecting “our Mother Earth” as much as possible is a matter of course, whether in our private life choices or in our guests’ welcome project.   

Valorisation of the existing materials of the farm: wood, stones, etc.
Respect for natural resources: rainwater cistern, solar and photovoltaic panels, home-made cleaning products

We grow as many vegetables as possible in our vegetable garden without any “chemical” products.

As members of Ardenne Ecotourism, we’re making the sustainability of the stays even more tangible :

The vegetable garden/garden: pleasure, first of all, and then the conviction that it is a must for our well-being and that of those we welcome … You will often see us there!